In-Home Rehabilitation

Our primary goal is to help individuals with blindness and visual impairment to live safely, comfortably and efficiently within their home environment. Instructors teach techniques for cooking safely, identifying canned goods, freezer items and medicines, managing laundry and housekeeping tasks, and keeping the household well-organized. Staff assists with marking appliances and with evaluating and implementing safety related changes within the home.

Instructors also introduce simple methods for dealing with everyday tasks such as money identification, telling time, and using the telephone. Clients learn new ways to communicate using large print materials, adaptive writing aids, and audio technology. When appropriate, basic Braille may be introduced.

Fundamental orientation and mobility skills and white cane techniques are oftentimes taught so that clients can travel safely in their environment.

Caring is key. Instructors provide adaptive ways to cope with recreational and social challenges that sometimes arise from vision loss. They also help clients to develop realistic and positive attitudes towards living a rewarding life.