Prevention of Blindness

To benefit the community in general, CBVI offers:

  • FREE VISION SCREENINGS! – A trained Prevention of Blindness Specialist screens for macular degeneration and also measures near and distance acuities, stereo depth perception and color recognition. Findings often lead to diagnosis of eye conditions that have gone unnoticed. Screenings avalible for seniors, preschool and school aged children.
  • Eye glass cleaning and minor adjustments
  • Presentations on eye diseases
  • Offered at Local health fairs, retirement communities, and senior centers.

Free Vision Screenings for children
Vision screenings help to determine if a child has a vision problem before they reach elementary school. Should a problem be observed, parents will be notified to schedule the child for a professional eye examination. Vision screening test for astigmatism, un-equal pupil size, unequal refractive power, and eye misalignment as well.

Treasure in Sight – Vision Awareness Program
Hands on activities are provided to the children so they can develop an understanding for blindness, eye safety, and the truth about vision loss.

The Vision Awareness Program provides children 11 for how create a research paper best service — and their teachers with valuable information about eye health & safety.

Educational materials are provided so that the students can share what they’ve learned with their parents. In most cases, the program includes a team of two with a guide dog. Presenters demonstrate how the dog is of service to a person without vision.