Computer Training

CBVI offers comprehensive training and services customized to meet each person’s needs in an increasingly changing technological world.


  • Voice Recognition technology
  • Screen reader programs
  • Screen magnifier programs
  • Scanning and reading technology
  • Assessable PDA’s and cell phones
  • Braille technologies


    Fundamental computer use including:

  • How to use email and view photos
  • How to navigate the Internet and pay bills on-line
  • How to access print material and use word processing
  • How to use a cell phone and its features
  • How to use video magnifiers (CCTV’s)


    How to implement your assistive technologies into college,
employment, or personal life-specific situations using:

  • Proprietary programs for employment
  • Web-based student/employee accounts and portals
  • Microsoft Office program suites
  • Video magnifiers (CCTV’s), Braille technologies and PDA’s
  • Procedures for disk maintenance and networking

Training can take place editing-service/ in a classroom based on-site setting or off-site at consumers’ homes or employment/academic settings. On-going technical support services are also available.

We train in iPhone, iPad, and all Apple technologies!